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Students take the permit test on the fourth day of class.  We suggest going ahead and scheduling an appointment with DPS now to get your child's permit processed so they can begin their state required 6 month waiting period before getting their driver's license and so they can begin their drive times with us sooner.  There is currently a 2 to 3 month wait at DPS.

For driver's licenses, you have to take the DPS road test.  There is a long wait for that as well.  We offer the road tests most days of the week that you can schedule many times on the day of.  You can do that HERE.  You still have to go to DPS to get processed after you take the road test with us.  But the wait for that should not be as long.

You can schedule appointments at DPS at: Schedule Appointment (txdpsscheduler.com)

Some DPS offices release appointments for the day of at 7:45 am online.  But they have told us their locations are no longer taking walk ins.

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